• PHARMACEUTICALS Our pharmaceutical department although a relatively new department is one of the fastest growing divisions in the company and we are currently breaking ground into many new markets.
  • PERSONAL CARE The personal care department is the largest department in the company and is home to twelve brands. The department is divided into retail and professional to serve the various channels.
  • PAINT and COATINGS The Paint and Industrial Coatings department is one of the emerging stars of the company. In keeping with the company strategy of finding and delivering innovative, quality and world recognized brands the paint department has followed suit with the distribution of the Wanda and Sikkens brands.
  • PACKAGING Our packaging department is one of the newer departments in the company. The focus is on providing our customers with innovative and attractive packaging. This customer base consists of restaurants, bakeries, caterers etc.
  • FOOD The food department is home to eight brands. The strategic focus of our food derpartment is to bring to market products which are convenient to use, to suit the emerging needs of working parents and families.
  • HARDWARE The company initially began its business with the distribution of hardware products. The first two brands carried by APSCO were Twyford and Henkel hardware products.

Welcome to Anthony P. Scott & Company Ltd.

Anthony P Scott & Co. Ltd. is a Marketing and Distribution company which provides a range of quality and innovative products in many different product categories. There are eight divisions which include Food, Personcal Care, Pharmaceuticals, Hardware, Paints and Coatings, Packaging, Avon and Housing.

The company provides goods and services to the consumer market via the traditional retail channels - supermarkets, variety stores, drug stores, cosmetic stores etc. The industrial market is also serviced at various levels - hardwares, projects, contractors, engineers, architects, marine and energy sectors. The pharmaceutical arm of the company services the health sector via doctors, hospitals and Government tenders. APSCO is the sole authorized distributor for Avon in Trinidad and Tobago; currently we have over three thousand independent representatives.