Our products contain an unusual medley of omega 3, milk protein and olive oil to strengthen, protect and beautify curly hair, whether it’s natural or relaxed. Our uncommon source for omega 3 comes from the Amazon’s star-shaped and nutrient-rich Sacha Inchi nut — one of nature’s highest concentrations of the essential nutrient known for nurturing and protecting hair and skin.


Sofn’free GroHealthy is created by M&M Products Company, a pioneer in ethnic hair care since 1973, when it introduced StaSofFro, the world’s first Afro-maintenance formula. All of M&M’s products are therapeutic and many contain natural ingredients to make you feel and look great. Real solutions. For the real you.

Our treatment products are modestly priced and address the structural characteristics and needs of African-American, Latina, and bi-racial women’s hair. Rich but not heavy, the formulas provide protective and beautifying nutrients, moisture and conditioners:

  • Three-Layer Growth Oil: delivers a trio of rich nutrients; a quick shake activates its ingredients.
  • Leave-In Treatment: strengthens, softens and mends split ends with a mist spray application.
  • Strengthening Créme: provides hair with an anti-breakage boost.
  • Daily Growth Lotion: encourages hair to resist breakage and a scalp to defy flaking.
  • Really Deep Conditioning Treatment: pampers hair in a single-treatment packet.