We are proud to offer the most versatile integrated Steel Framing System in the Caribbean. State of the art rollformers, fully integrated software interfaces and experience has made us a key player in residential, commercial and light industrial solutions.

Experience, expertise, quality, customer satisfaction and on time delivery are the watchwords upon SFESL has done business. Our Team of experts have been involved in steel framed construction for over 12 years locally and have adopted Training / Engineering / Software and Machinery from leaders in the steel framing construction industry.

SFESL can adapt designs to suit your budget. We use a fully integrated system that is capable of producing wall panels, floor systems, roof trusses and customised sections to suit your needs. All materials used in design and manufacture conform to the highest international standards and codes. All materials used in production is G550 Tensile Strength Steel and may be adapted with hot rolled sections for additional supports or Hybrid construction.

Each section is produced under strict quality control according to set tolerances ensuring conformity / perfection at all times. The cost saving to you is speed of erection, getting you into your home earlier; no warping, so finished walls and ceilings are a lot truer; stronger in construction than alternative usual methods.

Our frames are designed in-house with the aid of the latest in computer CAD systems. Quality control is such that we can precision roll, cut and factory assemble to the highest standards that are expected. Because of this, there is little or no waste.

Website: www.steel-framed.com