Age younger with Repechage Vita Cura facial

A Repechage Vita Cura Facial being performed at the Zen Garden Spa at Sutton Street, San Fernando.

A Repechage Vita Cura Facial being performed at the Zen Garden Spa at Sutton Street, San Fernando.

The most optimum time to start getting professional facials is when the skin is starting to change—when blackheads, bumps and break outs start to appear. For some, that may be 11 and others it might be later.

There are many benefits to a facial. Not only does it clean out the pores and balance the skin, but a good aesthetician will also teach you to care for your skin. Aesthetician Fareeza Manbodh of Zen Garden Spa explains that the Repechage Vita Cura is one of the most potent facials offered in the beauty industry.

“The Repechage Vita Cura Facial has great benefits because its an instant trigger to younger looking skin. This facial preserves the elastin to improve oxygenation to help prompt cell renewal. What are you benefitting from is hydration and rejuvenation,” the owner of Zen Garden Spa located at Sutton Street, San Fernando divulged.

She further explained, “Hydration consists of nourishing and antioxidants properties which helps with increased cell proliferation and rapid cell production. Regarding rejuvenation the special massage technique aids in circulation of the blood that delivers oxygen and nutrients to skin cells making it healthier and more effective. The professional facial massages is very important as it increases circulation to facial tissue which also help to lift and firm reducing wrinkles and puffiness.”

Fareeza recommends the Vita Cura Facial be done every month. “I strongly recommend this product to my clients who are serious about great youthful skin. There are dramatic changes from ALL my clients who enjoys the Vita Cura facial. They call it a reward with exceptional results because of the firm youthful skin, vibrant complexion and long term benefit,” said Fareeza.


To book a Vita Cura Facial at Zen Garden Spa please call: 335-4702.

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