Give your hair its bounce with Mizani Bond pHorce

Mizani Educator Jamal Edmonds shows off the Mizani Bond pHorce products.

Mizani Educator Jamal Edmonds shows off the Mizani Bond pHorce products.

Mizani in collaboration with distributor AP Scott Trinidad Limited recently hosted the launch of Mizani Bond pHorce at the Courtyard by Marriott, Port-of-Spain.

Teaching local stylists in attendance about the range of Bond pHorce products was Mizani Educator Jamal Edmonds. Bond pHorce signals a major breakthrough technology for the hair industry that allows textured clients to have long, healthy and shiny hair through hair pH management. The product creates the perfect balance of protein and moisture to manage hairstyles.

Hair requires a recommended pH level that impacts how long or short, how strong or weak or how shiny or dull our hair will be. Mizani Bond pHorce, brings back your hair gradually to its ideal pH which is 4.5-5.5.

With a unique blend of Maleic and Citric Acids, this product helps stop the breakage of disulphide bonds in your hair immediately, preventing hair from being over-processed especially when relaxing, dyeing and consequently heat damage.

“The Mizani Bond pHorce brings your PH Balance down ideally from 4.5 to 5.5 which is the ideal PH for healthy hair. It was a new product that was created to get it down further than it was. Perphecting Cream is what we normally use but it got it down to about 6 and Bond pHorce gets it down even lower to 4.5 to 5.5 and that is ideally where healthy hair should be in that range,” Edmonds explained to stylists at the Mizani launch.

He continued, “For me it is important to use Bond pHorce now because again it makes the hair healthier, strengthens the hair and immediately stops breakage while neutralising in a better way. The hair has a lot of movement, it is stronger and it gives you a barrier of protection from the relaxer.”

Edmonds dispelled any notion that the climate would hinder the effectiveness of Mizani Bond pHorce. “Climate does not have anything to do with the Bond Phorce which is a great thing because anywhere you go the climate will not have an impact. The climate will not affect the use of impact of Bond pHorce so if you are in a cooler or hotter climate it pretty much does the same thing,” Edmonds explained.

Commenting on the Mizani Bond pHorce launch; Sherene Sambrano, Brand Manager Professional Care at AP Scott Trinidad Limited said: “As a market that still has a great relaxer clientele, we must take time to care for our hair before and after a relaxer chemical service. With their constant innovation while staying true to the meaning of Mizani “balance” our textured clients can continue to achieve respective hair care goals.”



Certified stylists who require more information about Mizani Bond pHorce can contact Sherene Sambrano at 279-1996 or

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