Get beautiful skin with Rapidex

Rapidex was created in 1996 by Lydia Sarfati to help gently exfoliate skin.

Rapidex was created in 1996 by Lydia Sarfati to help gently exfoliate skin.

Beautiful skin is the foundation of beauty. The process of skin exfoliation to achieve glowing, bright and fresh-faced skin is integral to this outcome.

Rapidex introduced in 1996 by Lydia Sarfati is a safe and effective uniā€“dose program based on phyto-marine extracts and natural fruit acids that will gently exfoliate the skin, helping the skin to appear more even in tone and texture, feel softer and smoother

The product was specifically created to provide a controlled application process to prevent clients from over-exfoliating their skin, whether with microdermabrasion, chemical and acid peels or laser resurfacing procedures.

Aesthetician of the Year, Shelly Ann Banymadho of Skin Essentials by Shelly located in San Fernando has identified Rapidex as her go to product to ensure her clients have beautiful skin.

“Rapidex is an amazing product everyone who wants great skin should be using. This product gets rid of accumulated dead cells on the skin which is caused from the oils from makeup, dust in the atmosphere and other reasons,” Banymadho divulged.

She continued, “Rapidex helps diminish the look of aged spots, discolouration and leaves the skin much more smoother, softer and brighter. It is really easy to use and comes off a q-tip swab which you apply on your face after you cleanse.”

The Aesthetician of the Year advised that consistency is the key too getting the full potency of the product. “Rapidex comes in a box with 14 exfoliators and you should take one every night for two weeks. If you use one a day for 14 days you get the full effect of it but you must also use a sunscreen to protect your skin from any sun damage,” Banymadho explained.

“When you use Rapidex you will get a younger, cleared and brighter complexion. Rapidex is extremely effective and easy to you and its usage will result in more textured, toned and coloured skin.”

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