Zen Garden Spa offers unique experience

Fareeza Manbodh performs a Repechage Vita Cura facial on a client at Zen Garden Spa, Sutton Street, San Fernando.

Fareeza Manbodh performs a Repechage Vita Cura facial on a client at Zen Garden Spa, Sutton Street, San Fernando.

Situated in the heart of San Fernando at Sutton Street, Zen Garden Spa is tight knit family operated business promising customers a different spa experience.

Owner Fareeza Manbodh has developed her spa around a strong oriental theme to offer customers an alternative spa experience. Offering some insight into the oriental inspired theme, Manbodh revealed: “I started contemplating what type of spa I wanted to open and the various themes it could be based around. I decided to think about various ideas for the name and Zen Garden Spa was ideal because it can be a place people come for meditation and relaxation.”

She envisioned for Zen Garden Spa a place where clients can relax and break free from the demanding rigours of work while offering something unique. Manbodh divulged that creating a unique spa experience for customers was one of the driving factors that motivated her to start her own business.

“I was trained in the beauty industry in 2006 but by 2008 I was working at Petrotrin instead. I left the beauty industry to work at Petrotrin because I studied Business Management and it was something my family advised,” Manbodh noted.

She stated that a conversation with a co-worker while working at Petrotrin and a book changed everything for her. “One day at work in the refinery I was telling my co-workers about how I studied to be an aesthetician and I am qualified in the beauty industry and one of the guys said why don’t you go and open something. Subsequently I had to go to the Administrative building to drop off some documents and I spoke with a another member of staff and I was encouraged to buy a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad which changed everything for me. After reading that book it pushed me even more to open my own spa and there was no turning back,” Manbodh explained.

In hindsight she believes it was a positive move as Petrotrin was closed last year with all refining operations stopped and 3,400 permanent employees receiving exit payments. “Now that Petrotrin is closed, it is a good thing I had this skill which I could fall back on. The spa is going to be developed even more and we are going to expand on the Zen aspect of the spa,” Manbodh added.


Note: Click Zen Garden Spa to learn more. For bookings call 289-0925. 

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